Wednesday 6 October 2010

Notes to my unborn child: Light

If you open the door from a room in darkness into a room bathed in light, the darkness does not rush in and absorb the light.  Rather, the light saturates the darkness, transforming it.

Prehistoric monuments, from the pyramids to Stonehenge, even the ancient science of astronomy, show just how much attention we humans have lavished on following and understanding light.  Our relationship to light is as primal and as instinctive as our relationship to air.

One of the interesting complexities of the concept of light is that has often been associated with the divine, across civiliations, cultures and time.  The age in which we live, and into which you are coming, is no different.  We are still fascinated by the concept and complexity of light.

What I have learnt about light
For most of my life, I have had a preference for focusing on the light - or that which is positive and redeeming - in any happening.  It took me many years to understand that light and darkness co-exist and that we need to acknowledge the darkness, what is muddy, murky and unpleasant in life, before we can let it go and embrace the light.  Simply bouncing in and looking for the light is not enough for most people - we need to acknowledge the shadow consciously, in order to release it and move on.

I've also discovered that people need varying amounts of time in the shadow.  For some, the simple acknowledgement that it is there is enough.  Others feel the need to submerge themselves in the shadows.  Yet we all find our way to the light, somehow.

There is a dance between light and shadow.  I used to be afraid of the shadows, of darkness, but I fear it less now.

What I wish for you
My wish for you is that you can acknowledge the shadows, but set your compass by the light.  Although unpleasant things may occur in life, I hope that you will be able to move swiftly and gracefully through them, by looking for the emerging potential, the possible good, the Light, in any situation. 

I hope that you will, from a young age, understand that much of life's darkness is simply created by our thoughts, and we are free to choose where we put our focus - Do we dwell on the darkness?  Or do we embrace the light and move towards the joy and love, the divine essence, of being human?

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