Monday 4 October 2010

The heart's secret door

After nine months, we have arrived.  This is week 39, and we only have one week to go.  Indeed, the midwife thinks this will be an early baby, so it could happen any day.

This weekend we had what may be our last weekend as a couple, before we become a family.  Moments of transition often have a surreal quality, I find.  They are utterly 'normal', because they flow naturally from how my daily life, yet those mundane moments also seem more intense because - although the actions may be mundane and may be repeated - they will have an almost subtly different quality to them because the very fabric of my life has shifted and evolved. 

And so it was with this weekend.  We did our weekend chores, we ate, we slept (as much as large bumps allow!) and we looked out to the future, wondering how it would be... We can't imagine what it will be like to be responsible for a child.  A deep blessing, a challenge, a joy...

The most beautiful description I have heard of having a child comes from Fre, who will be the baby's Godfather. 

He described fatherhood like this, "You love your parents, you love your wife, but when you have a child, it is as though a secret door in your heart opens and a love you never imagined you could feel pours forth."

And so, we wait, knowing that each moment brings us closer to experiencing these new depths of love.

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