Wednesday 13 October 2010

Notes to my unborn child: Wisdom

I realise writing this blog that I know so little about the essence of wisdom that I am scarcely a good guide on this subject.  These few thoughts seem utterly inadequate to capture the depth and complexity of this subject, but hopefully they will point you in the right direction and then, one day, you can explain wisdom to me...

Wisdom is understanding the world through the eyes of the soul.  It is an understanding that is far more subtle than knowledge.  Knowledge is facts and figures.  Wisdom encompass knowledge, but it goes much further.  Wisdom sees through to the underlying truth of the universe.

What I have learnt about Wisdom
For me, Wisdom is the soul's knowing.  I think it is a divine gift but not everyone accesses it.  I  believe that we gain greater access to wisdom by standing back from knowledge and opinions, and becoming more reflective.  The less crowded our own minds are, the more space there is to connect with the Soul and to receive its wisdom.

Experiences can help us understand the world, though many just chase the experience and fail to allow its inner wisdom to unfold to them. 
Opinions are frequently open to change and challenge.  They are often loud and showy, and, at worst, they can be dangerous. 
Knowledge is more stable, but that too changes as we understand the world in new ways. 

For me, the hallmarks of wisdom are its grace, sensitivity, endurance, moderation and balance. 

What I wish for you
Wisdom is, I believe, one of the fruits of reflection and meditation.  Not that we even have to meditate actively; being open to hearing the soul's whispers is often enough.  It takes a while to learn to tune into this silent knowing, but it definitely worthwhile, as it will guide you far more gracefully through life than any decisions based on knowledge.

My wish for you is that you become aware of and listen to that 'little voice' inside, the hunches that may not make sense, but that roar in your belly.  These are just some of the ways you can connect to your soul's wisdom. 

And my greatest dream for you would be that you could live in that wisdom, that it is your inner guiding star through life, for it is the most eternal of truths.

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