Sunday 3 April 2011

Debbie's wisdom: The 3 secrets of life

There is much written about the theory of abundance, but I know only one person who actually lives abundance naturally, effortlessly ... my friend Debbie.  She is able to manifest unlike anyone I know: from the small - the right offices for her business - to the large - a BMW X5! - her ability never ceases to impress and inspire me.  So how does she do it?  Her philosophy rests on three pillars.

1. Decide in the heart. 
Debbie lives and works through her heart.  It's very easy to make a list of pros and cons for any decision.  Making decisions through our heart requires us to dip a level deeper and feel for 'the pull of intuition', that deeper knowing that comes from the soul and shows us the decision that supports the highest good.  It's not always the easiest decision, nor is it always the most popular decision, but it is a decision that sits peacefully within us because it is in harmony with All That Is.

2. The Bumps are the signs of Expansion
We often want life to change, to get better, but as soon as it does begin to change, we shut down... we want to go back to the comfort of old familiarities.  Debbie believes that those 'bumps', when life starts changing for us, are a good sign.  They show there is movement in our lives and life is changing: possibilities are opening up.  The Universe is meeting our desires for improvement in new ways.  So, rather than fear these changes, she believes we should take them as postcards from the Universe, telling us that our manifestations are beginning to materialise.

3. Keep your eyes on the horizon
Just as these changes start to manifest, our natural tendency (or mine at the very least!) is to look for all the possible down sides... to see how this could go wrong.  This may be the social norm, but according to Debbie, it is at exactly this point that we need to keep focusing on the vision we are manifesting, rather than the bumps along the way.  Getting sidetracked by what could go wrong will only bring us down and limit us: being focused, enthusiastic and committed to our Big Picture helps us remain open, positive and accepting. 

Though there is much more to her philosophy than this, I find that the basics - deciding in my heart and 'not looking down' at the potential problems when things get bumpy - are quite difficult to implement consistently.  I'm still practicing!  And I thought I'd write about them for anyone else who would like to give it a go.

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