Tuesday 12 April 2011

The pull of intuition

My brother Luke is 27.  Last week, he had to make a choice between continuing in a job he didn't particularly like and moving country to another job that was more exciting but a move downwards and into a different industry. 

He had people giving him so much advice that he didn't know which choice to make.  He was confused. 

Often, we are so afraid of our own confusion and not knowing what to do, that our bodies go on the offensive: our shoulders are tight, we stomachs are tensed, we physically harden ourselves against our 'unknowing'.  But these reactions block the 'knowing'.  They close us down and limit our decision making abilities.

By relaxing into his confusion and by accepting that he was confused, Luke was able to free himself of the tension that blocks us from our intuition; that deeper knowing of what is truly in our best interests, of what will serve our highest good.  Once he was relaxed, Luke was able to give his intuition space to speak.

Intuition doesn't speak in words, it communicates with a 'pull', a sense of knowing, that calls to us repeatedly.  It becomes clearer over time, and it is the decision that feels 'right' deep down within us.   It's not the decision that we think we should take to please anyone else, or even the decision that we secretly know is an avoidance tactic.  It is the decision that is most closely aligned with our highest potential.

In short, our intuition pulls us towards our future selves and the greatest version of who we can be.

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