Friday 8 April 2011

The evolutionary push

James is just learning to roll onto his stomach.  It's the precursor to crawling (and the end of any last shred of an 'easy life'!)  What's amusing is that each time, after enormous effort, he ends up on his tummy, he cries in distress, as if to say, "how did this happen to me?"

Evolution, a deep and unconscious need to grow and extend his skills, is pushing him forward each day.  It is as if he is running an internal programme that calls on him to be more than he currently is, to achieve his greatest potential in this moment.

The funny thing is that evolutionary push isn't just for babies.  I'm experiencing it too.  There's a part of me that is now excited by the idea of going back to work, of making a more 'intellectual' contribution to society.  I imagine it's a deep unconscious urge because most of my rational self is upset at the thought of leaving James for any significant length of time: "How did this happen to me?!"

No matter what our stage in life, I think Life is always calling to us, inviting us to become more than we consciously think we can be and to leave behind our comfort zones.  It may take me a while to move past my reluctance to leave James, but it is interesting that my personal growth is following the same direction as his, as we both respond to an inner impulse to go beyond who we currently are.

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