Tuesday 24 April 2012

How did That get there?

James has discovered fluff between his toes. 

Now, every evening as I take off his nappy for the bath, he pulls off his socks and starts the fluff hunt.  Having the elasticity of an 18 month old, this means that he literally pulls his feet up to his eyes to have a good look, as he rummages around.  If I were to try the same trick, I'd be lucky to get one foot above my naval!

While the fluff hunt is incredibly cute, I realised that it marks a turning point.  It's his first effort at self-grooming.  Food caked on his face, juice matting his hair, yogurt enrobed hands, none of this has mattered to him, none of this has been inconveniencing enough to warrant cleaning himself.  But fluff between his toes... well, that just crosses the line, doesn't it?

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