Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why James rocks

A week after that horrible scalding incident, James is recovering miraculously.  He will have no scarring and his blisters are healing nicely.  But more than his body's ability to heal itself, it's James character that is so outstanding to me. 

At nursery he is very affectionate; when his friends arrive, he puts his arms out to hug them and closes his eyes and leans his head in towards them, so they can rub foreheads. (I did wonder where this came from, and I've come to the conclusion, it's from In The Night Garden!). 

He loves books - like his Mum! - and spends long periods of time looking through them on his own.  He's also a bit of a TV addict; we have to monitor how much he watches.  He dislikes open doors and cupboards, even closing gates as he walks down the street (Dad's influence).  He doesn't seem to like the outdoors much, seemingly happier to stay inside - Mother's genes strike again! 

But the thing that inspires me most about James is how loving he is.   There is simply nothing that can compare to your child saying, 'Mama' and running over to lose themselves in a hug.  Each time, it's like I've touched heaven, as I feel the full purity of his love shower over me.

James also gives me the opportunity to love unconditionally.  I may love my husband, family and friends deeply, but it appears that the love I feel for my son goes beyond all others.

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