Monday 20 August 2012

My son, my teacher

As my spiritual journey progresses, I have gained a great deal of insight into my open wounds, those psychological scars distort my thoughts, words and actions, over and over again.

My body is one such scar.  I have yet to accept it.  We live an uneasy truce at present, but I am always on the watch for treachery, on the verge of attack.  On a bad day, it can feel as though I am at war with myself, until the moment when I remember this is all an illusion, the body as much as the war.

And this is where James comes in.  He's a gorgeously chubby toddler with a smile to match.  I had been thinking that, to ensure he doesn't hate his body like I learnt to, I must feed him a super healthy diet and help him grow up slim. 

One day, it dawned on me.  I'm not teaching him.  He's teaching me.  He doesn't fear his body.  He definitely doesn't fear food.  He's comfortable with both.  It's not me who has to guide him (read:micromanage him).  It's for me to learn from his self acceptance and self confidence.

I had no sooner had this realisation when I read that the children who are incarnating now have no karma, yet they come in with challenges, not for their own benefit as much as for the benefit of their parents and those around them.  They are helping us to see our own challenges because we cannot always see them in ourselves.  It's often easier to pick out the flea in someone else's eye, I know this from experience.  Now I just have to learn from it!

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