Monday 20 August 2012

The tale of the mushroom and the tarmac

This is a tale of paradox.  Which is stronger: a mushroom or a footpath?  Well, I would have plumped for the tarmac.  Mushrooms are very soft.  Very soft indeed.

Yet I'd be wrong.  Very wrong indeed!  Recently I have seen mushrooms growing up through tarmac in many places.  It's a sight that always catches my attention simply because it seems almost inconceivable that a mushroom is stronger - for want of a better term - than tarmac.

The mushroom makes a larger point.  The natural world is, unexpectedly, stronger than the manmade world and we would do well to have a greater sense of humility and understanding of our place on this planet.  We are guests who have assumed we are the owners, a delusional arrogance that is hurting Earth's most vulnerable guests most.

The humble mushroom shows that strength does not lie in force or in size.  It lies in honestly following your path.  The mushroom is living out its internal blue print.  It is responding to the innate drive to be, to express its mushroomness.  This gives me hope, because if more of us were to respond to our internal blue print with honesty, rather than pride, fear or greed, we could transform the world.

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