Monday 20 August 2012

Raising intuitive children

Recently I've noticed that James says "'orse, 'orse!" and points out the window when I drive him around.  While I wish we lived near horses, we don't. The landscape of Greater London flats and high rises are the backdrop to our lives.

The consistency of him saying it when we were driving struck me.  Perhaps he can see things I cannot.  In fact, I would love to see the world through a child's eyes for just one day, as I imagine their view is far richer than our own, more full colour than black and white.

If he is seeing something, then it's down to me to help him remain open in a closed society.  But how?  So far, and this is a project in progress, I've been affirming what he says, asking questions, like what colour is the horse? What's the horse doing?  I think if nothing else, then he knows his world view is taken seriously. 

I am the first to admit, much of the way I treat him is to redeem myself.  I have vague memories that tell me I used to be clairvoyant as a child.

Honouring his vision of the world is the least I can do to support him as he starts his journey in the world; taking his perspective seriously, not belittling it, ignoring it or dismissing it but validating the way he is in the world seems the most appropriate way to raise a child who probably is intuitive.  And as his vocabulary expands, imagine what conversations we can have!

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