Monday 24 September 2012


I've had a little insight.  In my spiritual journey I've been trying to 'perfect' myself, to eliminate the negative characteristics and personality traits.

I may be wrong.  This may not be the way to go.

That path seems to be characterised by control and fear, two characteristics that I would never associate with the soul.  While there is some merit in becoming kinder and more compassionate, it's possible to over do it. 

I suspect that I've been trying too hard to flog a dead horse; 'could do better' has been my motto.

What if my motto was, 'doing well enough'?  Perhaps that would make me more forgiving and accepting, less rigid and demanding.  It may align me more with my soul than with my ego, which must surely be the whole aim of the spiritual journey, the shift from the mind to the heart.

There's only one snag: it's hard to stop being oneself, to let go of long held attitudes... well, I do love a challenge!

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