Sunday, 30 September 2012

Raising intuitive children - bad vibes

The door bell rang.  James, in his usual excitment, on hearing the door bell, ran straight to the door.  I knew it was a friend of mine, who has been through a very tough time over the past decade but especially so in the last two years.

I opened the door.  James recoiled, ran back through the hallway and cried.  I can't say I blame him, I felt a certain degree of recoil myself.  My friend was in a pretty bad state and the energy she was giving off affected both James and I immediately.

What do I support a toddler who is overwhelmed by someone else's negative energy?  I want him to remain open and to use his sensitivity as a gift rather than be overpowered by it.  (My grounded friends may want to look away now!).

On the physical level, I picked James up so he was wrapped in my energy, which soothes him and I spoke softly to him, understanding his feeling of overwhelm.  On the subtle level, I invoked additional protection for him from Archangel Michael and saw him wrapped in his blue light of protection.  I also sent a message to his guardian angel that I understood what was wrong, that he was safe and protected and asked his guardian angel to stay very close to him to add additional comfort and protection.

As the evening wore on, my friend's energy began to shift (which I was simultaneously praying for her, as she was in so much emotional pain) and this, combined with James' additional protection, meant that he felt more comfortable and confident.  Towards the end of the evening, he began to play with her, a sure sign he felt safe again.

It was an eye opening event for me.  As adults we recognize that people in difficulty can sap us of our energy.  We feel it when someone is under the weather.  James stark reaction shows that children are much more sensitive to these energies, from anger through to depression.  They lack the skills to protect their energy so it's important to help them develop those skills: to ask for additional protection and support from our angels and guides.  We don't have to do it on our own - there's always help there for us, we just have to ask.

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