Monday 24 September 2012

Third Archangel visit

We have just completed our third Archangel visit.  This one was very different from the others. 

For a start, it's meant to be a five day visit - they had to leave on Day Four to go to one friend and on Day Six to go to another.  So we had them over the Equinox which had been a dream of mine, but I had no idea how that could happen if they were to leave on Day Five!  I need not have worried.

Secondly, I found this a very difficult visit.  Usually the energy feels light and lovely while they are here.  This time, I almost felt oppressed the energy was so heavy - they were clearing a lot of negativity so no wonder it was heavy.

The most amazing part, and what I considered a gift, was the picture I took on Day Five.  It shows Archangel Raphael's energy, Archangel Michael's energy and a lot of other energies that I don't even recognise, all pouring into our garden.

It is one of my prayers that our home serves as a healing spot for our planet: that the love and kindness we pour into our home and garden, and into each other is channelled into the Earth, to promote her healing from all the abuses we carelessly inflict on this planet in the name of progress.

In this photo I can see that we are doing just that - no one else may see it, but that hardly matters, it's a message for me, a confirmation and a recognition of my intention and actions.

(Note: that's James and a friend playing chasing.  He's the one in navy running ahead!)

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