Sunday 13 January 2013

As within, so without

On Earth, our lessons are presented to us by making our outside world an exact reflection of our inside world, our psyche.

Suddenly, that concept makes sense.  I 'get' it after years of reading it.  Many times.  So, if my outer world is a reflection of my inner world, what's inside out?

Looking around me, there are many clues...  on the positive side:
  • our flat has a lot of light, warmth and is very clean - yes, that's me on the inside too
  • I have a wonderful, joyful son ... playing with him I see my inner beauty most clearly
  • I have a very patient and integrity filled husband ... I have them too!
  • James goes to nursery one day a week ... I have support outside, so I must be supporting myself inside too

Lessons from the outside world:
  • we have a cellar, summer house and corridor about to explode with clutter that has not been dealt with, that we are saving for when we get a home... there are a couple of life issues I still have to deal with, issues where I'm in avoidance.
  • our home is too small for us and I feel squeezed ... I have a very self depreciating view of myself, I squeeze myself into an image of me that is too small, that does honour all of who am I and what I have done
  • our car is too big for me ... I feel very small in the world and uncomfortable in a big car; it might be far better to embrace its size rather than squirm every time I sit into it.  I could start to see myself as a bigger and more powerful person than the mouse I often imagine, hidden away from the world.
  • I don't have an income ... what am I giving out?  I could be more generous in my thoughts and more appreciative of what I do have, joyful that we do have the money for the groceries every week and enough to travel.
  • I find people to be so rude and thoughtless these days ... Dirk's biggest criticism of me is that I am very critical.  I could be kinder, more tolerant and thoughtful.
There is a theme emerging here; apart from an issue I need to deal with and now commit to do so, I see a great deal of overlap in my 'ongoing development' section, basically it's about kindness and honouring myself and others.  As I honour myself more, as I appreciate myself, I will automatically see others in a kinder light.  As within, so without.

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