Wednesday 9 January 2013

James and the angels

I had a friend over a few days ago.  Although I haven't done an Angel Reading for someone else in years, I asked her if she'd like a reading.

After the reading, I took a moment to tune in for any other information that the angels would like conveyed to my friend.  I had no sooner closed my eyes when I felt the energy flowing from me to her. 

In the background I could hear James saying, "Mama, wakey wakey."  Whenever I close my eyes he pulls me to wake me up.  Amazingly, he did not touch me for the whole time I had my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes he was standing a meter away from me, smiling brightly at me.  My friend told me that during the healing, James stood looking at me, smiling very broadly, but he never approached me.  He clearly saw the angels around and the energy work they were doing. 

As a personal postscript, when I offered the reading, I wasn't sure how effective it would be.  My friend, who is just back from a three week holiday to recharge after an insanely intense couple of years, texted me afterwards to say she felt as if she had just been away on a retreat.  So the energy is flowing!  Yippee! 

If anyone wants an angel reading, do let me know.  I am gifting them for free at the moment.

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