Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Meeting the Angel of Death

Most people, but by no means all of us, fear death.  Perhaps it's the unknown element of dying, 'what happens now?'  Is it really going to be ok?  The unknown often triggers fear.  But we don't fear falling asleep or waking up, and in a way, both of those are mini-deaths too.  At night, we die to our day time personality; in the morning, we 'die' to who we are at night when we leave our bodies through dreams, soul work and myraid other activities.

Yet death is the one inevitable event in life - well, after we ascend, that too will change! - but speaking for the present moment, it is the one certainty with which we all live.

Last summer a dear friend of mine lost her nine year fight with cancer.  A few days after her memorial service, I sat down to meditate.  I had no sooner centred myself when the most beautiful being appeared before me.  She was tall and it was quite hard to see her because she radiated such an intense golden platinum light, but what was unmistakable was the intense feelings of joy and welcome, that radiated from her, a feeling of 'coming home'.  I felt wonderful while I was with her.

I asked her name and her answer really surprised me, "the Angel of Death".  I admit, I was a bit taken aback, but it didn't dawn on me that she was there to bring me home!  Perhaps I sensed it was just a visit.  A wonderful blessing.

There's no grim reaper, that's our projection of our collective fear.  There's no darkness, but an abundance of light and love.  And bliss.

I haven't feared death - at least consciously! - for many years, and this visit reconfirmed my belief that we are surrounded by Divine love at all moments: night and day; in life and in death.

I offer this story because it is my heartfelt intention that some of the peace, love and, yes, joy, that I experienced may touch you, so that we can all share her gift.  There is nothing to fear, she is the most sublime companion, bathing us in more love than we have ever experienced in our lives, welcoming us home to the essence of who we are, Love.

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