Tuesday 2 February 2016

Transforming fear

After quite a spell, I am back!  And without further ado...

We all experience fear, so much so that it almost seems hotwired into the human pschye, but it is not immutable.  It may be a barrier, but it is not a cul de sac.  We can move through fear, not by running from it, but by embracing it, a skill that is vital as the Ascension process evolves.

Transforming, or even dissolving fear, is a four step process.

1. Notice when you feel fear.  You may not pick it up immediately, as it can seem that we are almost hardwired to live alongside fear, ignoring the added stress it brings as our muscles clench to protect us and our adrenaline levels increase.  But with very little practice, you will soon notice the clenched muscles, the vague feeling of foreboding... Noticing fear is powerful in and of itself, for awareness on its own can bring healing. But awareness combined with love, can fast track the process exponentially.  Imagine living your life with less and less fear, how free would you feel, wouldn't that be a delicious prospect?

2. Accept the fear.  Fear generally prompts one of two reactions: race towards the fear, as if to deny it exists, or run from the fear, equally denying it exists.  It is the third path, that opens the doorway to freedom from fear: accept it.  Allow it to be.  It is not a sign of weakness, inferiority, bad omens (well, almost never), it is the result of a lifetime of training to certain stimulus that triggered pain as a childhood, if not a past life.  Accepting fear is powerful.  Though simplistic, I find that when I simply say, 'Hello fear, I see you, it's all going to be ok', the tension in my shoulders immediately relaxes a few notches.  The situation hasn't changed, I simply have a wider perspective of it.

3. Love the fear.  That's not as hard as it sounds!  Send love to the part of you that feels afraid.  Fear isn't some grey cloud that suddenly invades us, it is the triggering of an old wound that didn't get loved enough to heal at the time. Something happened to hurt that part of you in your life, and your ego is hell bent on avoiding that happening again.  Enter fear.  Fear isn't a sign to run.  Fear is a sign to love yourself.  Even if it's a stretch, try to imagine that vulnerable part of you, perhaps your inner child, they're scared and all they need is the loving touch of someone who cares.  You are that someone.  You are that love.  Let it flow.  There's no one more worthy of your love than you are.

4. Transform the fear.  By far the most powerful Ascension tool that I have come across is St Germaine's Violet Flame (there are many links explaining it on the web).  It's ability to transform situations, emotions, group dynamics, basically anything, is unparalleled.  This potent tool has the ability to create spiritual alchemy, transforming the dirty messy dross of life into spiritual gold, and spiritual gold is unconditional love.  Love without boundaries, conditions, limitations, or exceptions.  The Divine's pure love everyone and everything.  Simply ask, through words or visualisation, humming or movement, that the violet flame be wrapped around your fear.  It will love that fear with such intensity, clarity and purity, that the pain that triggered the fear reaction will be healed and the fear will dissolve. 

So many times I have asked the Violet Flame to work its magic in painful, stressful situations and each time, I am amazed and humbled by the outcome.  This process is simple.  And it works. 

In unconditional love and peace,

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