Friday 12 February 2016

Sliding across timelines

One of my intentions in revisiting this blog was to push my own boundaries.  I've always shied away from anything controversial because I know the opposition I have faced from my nearest and dearest.  I also know I am not alone in that scenario, many of us keep quiet lest we upset those around us.  But the time to own our truth is dawning.  The sun is rising, so let us unfurl the radiant beauty within each of us in its warm caress.

While my life is very normal in some ways, in other ways I've been blessed with some amazing experiences which I would like to share with you, partially to honour the full scope of who I am and partially to honour the full scope of who you are.  We are, none of us, 'just' human beings.  We are multi-dimensional beings, taking on a human incarnation to help the planet through a pretty tricky Ascension process.

One of these miracles that I would like to share, happened fifteen years ago.  I had gone to meet a Spiritualist recommended to me by a close friend.  After the initial introductions, we went to his front room, along with his wife, and he suggested I close my eyes.  He kept asking me where I was and I named about ten different countries.  Then he asked me to describe what was happening.

While films and books talk of 'jumping' across timelines, this was like sliding across timelines, or even melting into different time sequences.  I saw many different lifetimes.  I think they were some of my lifetimes because I could recognise people from this lifetime in the scenes that unfolded before me, even though they looked completely different from how they appear now.

Some of the lives were happy, actually, I can only remember one happy lifetime.  All the others showed life challenges.  One of them even showed me a future life challenge, steeped in symbolism that I only begin to understand now, all these years on.

The other interesting aspect of this experience was that there were tiny details in a few of those lifetimes that I could not have known, but that I subsequently discovered were true on television documentaries and newspaper articles.

I wrote out all the details of each lifetime afterwards, and put a password on the document.  I was never able to remember the password!  It doesn't matter.  The legacy of the experience lives on within me.  Life is more than we imagine <3 br="">

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