Wednesday 14 November 2018

Divine Mother: It’s subtle, but it’s here.

My dearest, most precious children, your every heartbeat is like my own.  There is not one that I miss.  Not a single heartbeat from a single divine child, which is each and every one of you, regardless of how you are feeling at this moment, regardless of what you have said, thought or done.  I am a witness to your every heartbeat, for I am not a mother who turns away from you, though I know how much angst so many of you are enduring now. 

You are expecting, as is the channel, a great ‘pop’, an event, a moment, and you are waiting for it every day, thinking ‘perhaps it is today’, ‘perhaps it is this afternoon’.  And you are disappointed because it does not arrive.  But it’s here.  It’s already here.

Let me explain.   Just as water needs to reach 100C to boil, it has to pass through every degree of heat from 1C to 100C before it has the ability to transform.  Some of the water is closer to the element, so it heats a little quicker, but it is always passing on the heat - the energy - so that all the water boils, more or less simultaneously.  Once water boils, it is transformed: from liquid to gas.  Again, this too is a process.  Not all the water is evaporated at once, it too takes a little time.

The Change has happened.  You are all boiling, regardless of how cold and lost you may feel.  But because the process of going from 1C to 100C is a slow, gradual process, it’s often very difficult to notice that you are now 33C not 7C; you are now 82C not 45C; you are now 100C, not 99C.

It is subtle, but the Change is here.  Don’t go looking for ‘big’ news.  Rather, look into your lives.  Notice nature.  Have you noticed the colours are more vibrant?  As if they are singing from the inside?  

Look deeper into your lives, have you not noticed changes in yourself?  Moments when your love, your patience, your compassion, your forgiveness was greater than you had imagined it would be?  Even if you think you have not, I have noticed this.  

I see the pain and I also see the victories, the many tiny victories.  You see the pain; but you don’t always notice the many tiny victories within your life.  

You are acclimating to living in a higher vibration and this requires a greater focus on the positive, the blessings, the potential, the present.  It asks you to shift your paradigm from gritted teeth to acceptance and love – especially with your own sweet self, when you have simply had too much to cope with.  

This is a time of change, and change contains within it both the old and the new.  I lovingly ask you to move your focus more to the love and the new, than the pain of the old.  It will leave, it must do.  And you, my sweet, sweet angels, are helping to ground the higher vibrations every day, even if you try not, by virtue of being here, you are doing it.  By virtue of your inherent care and compassion, you are holding more and more light each day.

And the more you can focus yourself towards the light, the easier your life will become.  I am not saying to ignore the darkness, I am asking you to look through it, to look beyond it to the potential that is held within it.  And if you can’t see that, simply offer it to me, let me take it from you and turn it, just a little bit, so that viewed from a new angle, you may see the potential, the light shining through all that seems so dark these days.

This is a time of subtlety.  A time of trust, for so many.  But the corner has been turned and when you feel you have lost sight of that in your heart, ask me to help you, to uplift you, to nurture you, to help you with your ‘divine homework’!  That is what I am here for, to be of service to you, as you serve humanity, as you serve the Divine.

Jennifer’s note
I was awake for a quite a spell during the night and this channel was one of the subjects on my mind because, quite frankly, I wondered if it was useful when everyone is going through so much pain and hardship.

The message I got was very clear.  We have moved into a new dimension and this requires a different way of looking because the old dimension and the new dimension are existing in parallel, as if one were layered on top of eachother, or one behind the other.  

We are used to looking and seeing the old dimension and it is still there, even if it is crumbling.  We are not used to seeing the fourth, much less the fifth dimension.  Our eyes have not yet grown accustomed to its subtlety, for it is far more subtle than the old third.

The image I was given was one of a magician who practices misdirection by encouraging you to look at his left hand, so that you don’t even notice the bunny hopping off stage on his right!  When we focus on one thing, that is what we see, that is where we go, that is what we get. 

Have you noticed – and forgive me because this is awfully basic! – when you cross a road, you arrive at the spot on the opposite side that you were looking at.  You can’t look at one spot and move in a different direction!  We follow what we see, we go where we look.   

We are in an advanced transition phase.  We are invited to learn to look differently and to see differently.  When the Mother asks us to create Nova Earth, this is part of that creation.  This is the subtle alchemy of creating Nova Earth.  There is the practical, hands on work and there is the subtle, ‘eyes on the prize’ work.  

In refining our vision to the finesse of the fourth dimension, we are helping build the vibratory framework of a new reality here and now.  We are making it easier for those who wake up after us to experience the fourth and fifth dimensions with greater ease.  And we also speed up the arrival of the moment when pop everyone suddenly ‘gets’ it.

Here and now, we are creating Nova Earth.  One glance at a time.

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