Sunday 2 December 2018

Divine Mother: In the short time remaining...

The leap, or the jump in energy is immanent.  And if you, like the channel, are experiencing physical aches, pains, nausea, dizziness, unwellness of a general but indefinable nature, then you may rest assured that you are in the final throws of purging and cleansing the last of the old matrix from your system.  

All clearing here facilitates the inflowing of the golden Christ light into the crystalline matrix of your new composition, which has been transitioning for some time and is ready to come more on line.  

As I have said previously, you are already in the new space, the higher dimension, but the veils of the illusion of the past are sticky and they are being kept in place through the dark’s technology and humanity’s emotional responses at a more base level.

This is very soon all to change.  

Prepare yourself now.  Allow the process to work its way through you without – as much as you can – turning to drugs to numb the pain of various kinds.  This can be pain killers, chocolate, ice cream, tea, alcohol, smoking or drugs to name the most common.  Accept that this is an uncomfortable last ‘assault’ but that it will very soon pass and the fruits will be so much more worth it.

That is all we have for you now.

Dear child,

We have been in communication since the earliest hours of this day as I have shown you the magenta energy swirling the planet in final preparations for the jump in energy.  This is a mixture of the pink energy of pure love and the violet ray of St Germaine, clearing all that blocks [you] and filling it with love.  The shades of magenta vary with each individual and each location, depending on the degree of cleansing that is necessary.

I see that you are in a lot of discomfort, but I ask if you and others who are also in the same position, could take heart, take consolation from the fact that this truly is the eleventh hour and this final clearing is to ensure that the energy shift, when it happens, is as painless as possible.

You, my precious lightworkers around the globe, are in your graduation process.  When the final clearing is done, the more externally focused work will begin.

We have shown the channel almost bubble like energies around each individual, as we are reinforcing the auras of each human being on the planet, to the degree and extent that we can, so that they are as healed as it is possible in each individual circumstance and in alignment with each person’s free will. 
I would gently suggest that there will be much fear and apprehension in much of the population, because the like of this has never been experienced before and is not readily discussed in many, if any, quarters of your planet outside the Lightworker community.  

Part of your journey and mastery is to hold your centre, and to trust that we, the angels, archangels and company of heaven, are working with you in each moment, we are with you in each word and each action over the next few days and weeks.  

Everyone is cared for.  Everyone is precious to the Father and to me. No one is excluded or left behind, the unfoldment of the energy portal will be perfectly aligned for what each person can experience combined with Gaia’s desire to move to 5D and beyond.  

Have patience and recharge yourself as and when you feel the need.  This post-event transition will be intense and you, my precious earth angels, are also formally charged with looking after yourself.  If you are not centered and full of the joy of divine light, you are unable to share and reassure another.

It is very important to practice good self-care and maintenance.  It will assist you enormously, because it is in your ‘down times’ or recharge periods, that we will be integrating new energetic understandings, patterns and upgrades to assist you.  

It’s rather like the regular updates you get on your phones: the phone doesn’t work while its software is updating.  The same goes for you my precious children!  Take time to be in peace, stillness, bliss, joy, balance… use whatever gives you joy and pleasure to get to that higher, wiser inner self that constantly abides in peace and joy.

So yes, the changes are coming, thick and fast now.  In the short interim before the energy jump, practice self-care and self-love with all that crosses your path.  Nothing is random or chance.  Love and accept what is, as it is, warts and all.

And when that seems too much for you, turn to me, turn to my angelic kingdom, turn to the company of heaven and we will assist you as you learn to master the most basic of Enlightenment skills, Enlightened self-love.  It has been rendered inoperational due to the degradation of your DNA millennia ago and the mass brain washing that has occurred ever since, but it is now activated and it is a muscle that, when practiced, will serve you most well.

Dearest delights of my heart, I leave you, though I never ‘leave’ you, with my love.

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