Thursday 8 November 2018

Welcoming Galatics

Mountain PeakClearly, given my past, I do not believe we are alone in the multiverse. and, as humanity gains maturity, when we stop trying to kill them and ourselves, we will earn the right to collaborate with beings far more advanced than we are.

Recently, Steve Beckow, of the Golden Age of Gaia, asked us to consider how we would welcome our Galactic brothers and sisters.  It's an invitation that captured my heart.

Having thought about it, I believe that there are four aspects to a formal welcome, if you or I were tasked with meeting a delegation arriving in our town/city/country for the first time. 

First and foremost, what matters in any welcoming, whether it is our Earth family or our Galactic family, is our sincerity.  They are far more advanced than we are emotionally, spiritually, technologically... if we are genuinely welcoming them with an open, loving heart, they will feel it.  So any slips and blunders in protocall - if there is such a thing for these events - will be overlooked because it will be understood that it is our lack of knowledge, not our lack of love.

I think that any formal welcome address could be broken down into three sections:
  • gratitude for the honour of their visit and the invitation to collaborate together to solve humanity's problems
  • an apology for the ignorance and arrogance of our species and all that we have perpetrated against Galactics
  • an inspiring vision of a shared future together
What do you think should be included?  How do you believe it could be done?  In my next post, I'll put out a suggestion for a welcome address, and I'd love to hear your comments.

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