Wednesday 12 December 2018

Divine Mother: Day dreaming now is laying the foundation for New Earth

Dream now, the ripples will follow

My glorious children,

The moment of great change is soon upon you.  There is coming a light that will blind the eyes but allow the heart to see clearly and truthfully all that is divine in nature and all that is not.  It will be your compass in these coming days and years. This divine light that is sent of the Father/Mother One.  It will illuminate every crack and crevice in society with its truth and compassion.  And it will light up, within you my dearest, beloved children, the flame of Divine Love that has for too long been denied to you.

This is your destiny.  This is why you incarnated, to be here for the grand unfoldment of the greatest adventure in human history – and even before.

You are here on a bold undertaking, to ascend in form and then, with the benefit of divine vision and divine heart, to look at your society and re-imagine it.  Not just mentally, that is but the first step, but to physically recreate human life and human society in a way that reflects the finest divine love blazing within each of your hearts.

Change will come quickly, far quicker than you imagine because, finally, you will not be working in ignorance or on your own, but with the full power of your true heritage, your divine lineage and your galactic families.  This will create a synergy of unimaginable power, creativity, focus and action.

This exciting future is no longer in the distant future, or even the near future.  It is very, very close.  It is so close that I ask you to start to imagine it in your daily lives.  While you are going to work, while you are engaged in mundane chores, allow your day dreams to be about what you would do if you were free to do anything.  How would you spend your time?  What creative pursuits were excite you?  What challenge that Gaia currently faces do you care about?  How might you help Gaia?  

It may be big or it may be tiny.  I am not interested in size.  I am interested in passion, in joyfulness, is zest and sparkle and joy flooding your heart, your mind, your body because what you are doing is filling you up with an energy that you could never have even imagined before this moment.

Allow your genius to peak out at you, while you day dream.  Allow yourself to go past the limits of ‘realistic’, because what is now ‘realistic’ and what will be realistic within a very short space of time are two very different realities, because it will be a very different world.  You will be a very different you.

If you can remember being very ill and still trying to keep going… Or having to awaken in the night and yet been unable to get your mind and body out of ‘sleep mode’… Or being so exhausted after working far too long without any breaks… Your body, mind and spirit feel as though they are moving through thick mud.  Your present physical experience will be as that, after the energy jump occurs.  

You will discover that you are light, free, flexible, energised, focused.  All these will be gifts that are yours forever, after the initial energy jump is incorporated and you are fully aligned with it.

In the process of incorporating energy directly after the increase, be gentle with yourselves.  Trust your intuition about what you require and follow that inner guidance.  This will effortlessly guide you along the path of grace and ease in your new physical expression.

You are almost there.  You are ready, as if the elevator doors are closing and you are about the push the button to the top floor.  That is how close you are now my dearest, beloved children.  

Be kind to yourselves and others, it is the pathway of grace.  You are my Love.

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