Thursday 20 December 2018

Divine Mother: The time to awaken in the new dawn is now.

My precious children,

I wish to bring you news of great delight.  The beginning of the end is past.  The end of the end has also passed you by.  You are at the beginning of a great period of deep acceleration and passionate articulation of your divine truth and essence.  

You have come of age.  You are now charged with stepping forward, in whatever way brings you joy and pleasure, in what ever way makes your soul sing and your heart feel lighter.

My children, the new age has dawned.  It is here and very soon there will be some highly significant markers that no one will be able to ignore or down play.  You are of the hour.  You are in the moment.

Strive not, nor resist.  I ask you to be with the energies, as you feel them, at this time.  Allow them to flow through you, for they will do the work.  You have worked valiantly and tirelessly to clear all that you can.  There is still much to be cleared, but so many of you, my precious light workers, have earned dispensations, have earned the right to have the energy of previous generations, ancestors on and off planet, dissolved by the Energy of Divine Love.  

It is said that as you take one step towards the Divine, the Divine takes ten steps towards you.  This is so, for which parent among you (and you have all had lifetimes of parenthood) would not do the same, when unburdened of the fear and pain that has tortured society for so long.

That torture is ending.  There is no need for it now.  That energy can no longer be sustained and within a decade you will see that it has disappeared entirely.  As if it were nothing but a bad dream.

The time to awaken in the new dawn is now.  And I, your Divine Mother, reach out to you, with a welcoming hug, as you open your eyes to the new Dawn of a new reality.

You are my love.

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