Monday, 4 February 2019

Divine Mother: How to melt your personal veil

Each one of you, my dearest heart-seeds, has a virtue to which you cleave.  It is like a hallmark that is stamped on your soul; it is an invisible template that shapes much of your life.  For some it may be love, for others balance, for others forgiveness.

As you begin your journey through lifetimes, this virtue is invariably distorted.  So love may become hate or indifference, balance may become extremes, forgiveness may become revenge.  You will cycle through the spectrum of each virtue, but most especially your ‘hallmark’ virtue, may times in each life time.  

You will discover the depths of love and equally the depths of loss of love, hate and indifference, for knowing one increases your experience of the other.  As your lifetimes progress, you are charged with coming to a refined understanding of the positive pole of your particular virtue.  

At present, much of society is embroiled in the final, chaotic dance between the extremities of their chosen virtue.  That is why people can, in one moment, exhibit enormous kindness, generosity and forgiveness and, in the next moment, the very same person can become small-minded, petty and vindictive.

You, my beloved Light workers and Love holders, are more skilled, more advanced in this practice.  It does not mean that you do not sometimes slip, but it does mean that you regain your balance quickly.  

Your task, in these last days, is to further refine and raise your vibration, using your virtue as your guiding star.  If tolerance is your virtue, practice tolerance in all aspects of your life, from having a shower to commuting to work to interacting with grumpy colleagues.  Let your virtue determine how you respond to both the good and the ‘bad’ within your day.

You will know which virtue is your special virtue, because it calls to you throughout your life.  You will find yourself returning to this virtue when you are feeling relaxed and happy, and using this virtue to judge yourself*when you feel you have let yourself down.   

If you are unsure what your virtue is, ask some trusted dear-ones, for they will clearly see what you have ignored.

The more you can use this virtue in your daily life, by becoming a living role model for that virtue, the heart of love, the embodiment of balance, the champion of forgiveness, the hero of compassion, you will raise not just your vibration, but the vibration across the planet, our precious sweet Gaia.

You will also raise your vibration.  Imagine for a moment, that your chosen virtue is a note.  The purer, clearer and sweeter this note sounds through the universe, the closer you move to knowing your divine self.  

Your divine self is not allowed to reveal itself to you, to remove the veil between your human self and your divine self, until you have reached a level of spiritual mastery where you can begin to assimilate and integrate this information for your highest good.

You approach your divine self by sounding your note, by living through your virtue.  When you reach the threshold vibration, your higher self has the authority to remove the veil that shields you from your manifest spiritual glory.  

You are approaching that precise vibration rapidly.  Very rapidly.  It is for this reason that we, the entire Company of Heaven, continue to remind and encourage you, time and time again, to raise your vibrations.  

When the harmonic of your soul and your human form align, when the collective human vibration reaches the threshold of the group soul harmonic, it will create a cosmic ‘Om’ sound, that will reverberate through the multiverse, and through the dimensions.  

In that moment, your veil will melt.  You will recognise yourself for who you have always known yourself to be.  Your human and spiritual selves will unite in a way that has never before been experienced.  This is what you took form to experience.

This is the moment that awaits you.  We encourage you to keep up your steadfast work, for the  time is almost upon you and the blessings are unimaginable.  

With all my love, my dearest children.

*For you continue to judge yourselves, even when we remind you that there is no judgement, merely discernment of what increases the flow of love and what constricts the flow of love.

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