Thursday, 14 February 2019

Divine Mother: Rising to the final challenges

Within every achievement, there is a challenge.  A moment when you were tested, when you had to go inside, deep inside, and discern what was true for you in the stillness of your Heart.  Only then were you ready to respond.  From your Higher Heart, your Higher Self.

That is how progress is made; one step at a time, some steps are simple, fast and light, while others feel as if you are wading through treacle.  Within every challenge is a moment of divine alchemy, when the self and Higher Self merge more intimately then ever before.

I bring this forward this day, my beloved warriors of light, because I wish to alert and advise that we are coming very close to the ‘end of times’.  Please remember, when you read this, that this marks the end of times for the dark, not for my beloved children of light.  And even my children who have strayed onto the path of darkness are not lost to me, their path is simply diverging – finally – from your path, from your creations, from your planet.

And in these final days, weeks and perhaps even months, you will find yourself sorely tested.  You will have to muster all the compassion you are, all the forgiveness you are, all the love you have ever shared, in order to truly anchor the light in the darkest of hours.  

I forewarn you with the gentlest of love, as a mother who knows that her precious child must one day leave her and face the world on their own.  That day is coming rapidly.

Many of you have told me repeatedly that you are ready, you are strong enough: bring it on!  My precious children, it is about to be brought on.  I know you are equal to the task.  The worst the dark can muster is about to erupt forth.  

Take this as the great sign it is, the end of their times on your planet.  

Take this as the rite of passage it is, the beginning of the life of your dreams.

Take this as the initiation it is, the alchemy of dirt into gold.

Keep your light, love and compassion as your beacons.  

While all around you who gently doze will be appalled and will wish to rise up in righteous anger, justice and even revenge, I ask you to be gentleness of the lamb.  I ask you to be the forgiveness of the Mother Father One.  I ask you to be the light shining in the storm.  

And may ask me to travel that road with you, every step of the way.  You may ask me to clear, cleanse and heal all around you.  You may ask me to comfort and renew everyone who is in pain. 
I am your Mother, your divine source.  Where you go, there am I.  

We are one and you are about to live that legacy, in full consciousness, as was always the divine plan.

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