Friday 29 March 2019

Divine Mother: You are already wizards and alchemists

There is a stream of love, flowing from my heart to yours; a stream that promises you, as my beloved children, even as my very self, that you are always connected to me, you are always loved and you are always accepted.

In these days, towards the end of times, you are becoming more aware of where you have not answered the call of love, and I do not mean this romantically alone, I mean the call of divine love; the whisper that caresses your heart with ideas for the kindest, gentlest ways of being, both with yourselves and others.  

As you begin to see your life more clearly, through the lens of love, it is easy to get down-cast at what you call ‘failures’ or even ‘sins’.  Those moments when your love for something else was stronger than the call of your inner knowing.

Do not be down-hearted.  All must pass through the gateway of forgetting and then remembering love.  Rather, celebrate your initiation into the gateway of remembering love.  It marks a significant progression in your journey towards unconditional love for your dear self and for others.

Celebrate your expansion of love from want and need, to acceptance and surrender, into valuing the highest good over your personality’s perception of good.

You are on an accelerated path, an accelerated time line now, so you may expect to see some remarkable and rapid changes very shortly.  Hold your centre, practice breathing out love to everything you see, both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.  

Remember that what you label as bad, is actually the end of a very long story of persecution and the denial of love.  There can be only joy that these stories are now being heard so as to be released.  There will be enough people caught up in the anger, rage and vitriol of a media that seeks to incarcerate you in hatred and distrust.

My beautiful children, as much as you can, come back to the stream of love that flows between us.  Even if it is only to repeat, ‘I am willing to be willing to love’.  Your willingness, when you are overwhelmed, is read with a very similar vibration pattern as your love: they are aligned like brother and sister.  Your willingness creates change, it facilitates forgiveness and the dissolution of the negativity that creates acts that hurt love.

By shining your light, love and compassion, you create more change than you can comprehend.  You become wizards and miracle workers, because you are transmuting energy.  What else is a wizard, but somone with the power to transmute energy?

Let the river of love that flows between our hearts flow unimpeded.  Allow it to seep down, down into you; all you need do is become still, even briefly, and notice it.  

What you notice, expands.  This is particularly true of love, the strongest energy in All That Is; the strongest energy because it is the foundation of All That Is.  

Aligning with love, aligns you with All That Is, that is why love can move mountains and create miracles.

And you are love.

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