Tuesday 12 March 2019

Shiva: You are The Event

This began as a letter, and I'm not entirely sure at what point the channeling began, so I'm including it in its entirety.

It is ironic that across the road from our building they have knocked down the houses and our building is moving as a result. Nothing massive, but I see  cracks appear as it sits differently on the ground, awakened by the vibrations of nearby change.  This weekend, we painted half our flat.  So it is the same, and yet fresher.  Change is subtle.  Until it isn't.  We are soon to be in the 'isn't' phase.  

Right now, though one may not believe it, you are in the eye of the storm.  You, the way showers, are looking for the path, for the change, the event, but it is not showing up as you registered that it would.  That is your old concept of here and there, then and now. 
The divine is far more subtle, there is only here and there, now and then, all at once.  The storm and the eye are the same.  The Event and the waiting are the one moment, combined and dancing through infinity like the yin and yang.  

You are in the Event, so the search may cease.  Surrender to it; to the subtleness of its evolution.  Allow the pace and tempo to rise, as water gently gets hotter as it boils.  Acclimatize yourselves to this energy shift that is occurring all around you and which you are pretending you do not see, as you are so focused on a glorious, glamorous shift.
This is the preparation ground and it is most important.  As we never cease to tell you, what you can clear and release now will be immeasurably valuable with the finale occurs.  But do not miss the entire show, waiting for the finale, for that is only the final minutes; the previous hours were of crucial importance leading up to that moment.  This is the show that creates the finale.  You have passed the intermission.  You are in the last act. 
Come forward with your light.  Allow your wisdom and truth to shine.  You do not need to boast or shout.  It will be seen and felt for the worth and weight that it carries within the spiritual realm.  You need not advertise yourself, your energy is your shop front and your worth.
We know who we can count on and trust to hold firm, to shine their light, to help the blind to see the truth, and we are assisting you.  We have seen you and we are most thankful, most grateful that you have all answered the call of your hearts.  Indeed, we will be using your hearts to pulsate the language of the Event, the energy of the jump, to all whom you encounter.  You are the Change.  You are the Event.  Your hearts are radiant with the divine light of One, of Eternal Love.   

You are the Event you are seeking.  You are in it now.  You are actively creating it now.  Search no longer, dearest hearts.  Find peace in the love you feel when you connect with your galactic family, your angels, your Company of Heaven.  This is the Now.

I am Shiva, and I am seen as the destroyer but I am more than that. I am the bringer of transformation, the destroyer of illusions, those who fear me peddle in the shadows and weave dreams of illusions. All of pure heart, of earnest intentions welcome the fresh wind I blow through their lives, ensuring that they are kept free of illusions; that their path is not littered with leaves and the debris of distractions.  
It is free and clear, freed and cleared by me.  I am opening the door for you, the doors of transformation and change, I am welcoming you within, to the sacred space in which I inhabit, for you are me and I am you.  It has always been so, and soon you will know this truth for yourself, in your heart.  The moment of your freedom and liberation is soon upon us.

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