Sunday 3 March 2019

Divine Mother: None of your incarnated on a planet of one

arms, bonding, closeness

None of your incarnated on a planet of one.  You incarnated on a planet of billions.

This was done with the express intention of learning to collaborate, to cooperate and to discern the divine in everyone, even when it is extremely well hidden.

As the moment of the snap, the jump, the event, grows ever closer, I urge you, my beloveds, to work together more, to come into community more, to see the connectivity between you all. You are not here to play the role of the hermit, for if you were, you would certainly not be reading this.

You are here to understand that I am you, and you are me.  That we are all One.  We are All That Is.  This is not understood, and definitely not experienced, in solitude.  

Come together to play my children!  Come together, not just to help each other momentarily, but to develop and nurture each other, to nourish your souls with the expansion that occurs when warmth and caring are shared.

For all the challenges that great festivals bring, as families come together, these festivals illuminate your planet because they help you reconnect with how good life can be when love and food and companionship are shared.  These brief moments when this congeniality flows, remind you of the very best in human kind.

You are not constrained to your birth family.  While you may or may not agree with them or get on with them, my invitation to you is to find community.  Find commonality.  Find companionship.

Then deepen it.  

Be courageous, for Light Workers are the bravest and most skilled of souls.  Allow your light to shine when you are in community.  Hold back no longer.  Make yourself small no longer. 

Take the courageous step; even if it is only tiny, I will see it.  My beloved Light Workers, I am calling you forth!  These are your marching orders.  The time for solitude has passed.  You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.  

You have prepared and trained in silence and away from others.  You are ready.  You are to shine your light out, not in.  

Let your light shine out!  

Let your colours burst out!  

Let your love speak out!  

Let your warm heart inspire others.

This is your challenge, your quest, and the unfoldment of the Mother’s Divine Plan.  You are ready, my precious Love Lights, to shine and amplify the light on the planet by combining your light with the light of others.  

The blaze from twenty candles is far brighter and more noticeable than the light of just one candle.  The blaze of many is seen by more, inspires more and uplifts more.

So come together!  Follow your passions, your delights, your hobbies and interests, your wildly outrageous inspirations!  Find those who resonate with you and enjoy the pleasure of sharing together.  In doing so, you will be amplifying the light.  You will be radiating the divine plan into the unconscious of many where, like a little seed when the rains pour, it will awaken and flourish effortlessly.

You incarnated on a planet of billions, so come out of the shelter of the shadows.  Come into the light!  Amplify the light by coming together!  

Come together!  

Come together so that we may amplify our experience of Oneness.

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