Friday 12 April 2019

Divine Mother: You are the gods you have been waiting for

My beloved children, for so long now you have looked outwards, to the skies, to others, to gurus for signs that you are saved, that God loves you, that the Ascension will happen.  

That was only because you could not imagine, much less behold, the light you have within.  

That time is over.  You are the gods you have been awaiting.  Right here, right now.  There is no one else you need to ask, no other hoop through which you need to jump.  

You are the ascended ones who are re-remembering the divine within that you voluntarily forgot in order to assist humanity in the birthing of the Great Ascension.

You doubt because you do not remember, and that is entirely normal and natural.  But, apart from the joy of remembering that will come with your personal ascension moment and Gaia’s collective ascension, there is another gift: the courage to trust your intuition, to push past society’s norms and beliefs and to dare to trust your divine self. 

There is no difference between you and me, my beloved children.  You are me and I am you.  We are one.  One is not above or below the other, we are the same.  We are the same.  

When incarnate, I did not remember the totality of my divinity, but I did feel the embers of it burn in my heart, a knowingness that the divine was within me, and if I wished to experience that fully, I had to move beyond the religion and the scriptures of the time.  

That is why Yeshi argued with the power holders of our religion, that is why he was deemed a precocious child.  Not everyone respected his direct-access philosophy.  Not everyone was ready to hear that the Divine is not an angry old man sitting in judgement, but a gentle loving father.

That was then.  This is now.  The message has evolved, for your understanding has evolved.  The next great leap in spirituality is not that the Divine is a kind father: it is that the Divine is You.  You are God.

That was then.  This is now.  The Divine is beyond father and mother, beyond male and female.  But the divine in not beyond YOU.  Yes, you, my sweetest child, reading this right here, right now. You. 
You, my treasure, are divine.  You are me and I am you.  We are the same.  You are the gods you have been waiting for; you are the divine.  

There is nothing more to do.  There is no need to win the love of the divine, or to fear a ‘final judgement’.  There is only to expand the divine through love: love, compassion, forgiveness.

There is nothing more than this.  In love you expand the divine within; through compassion you deepen the divine within; through forgiveness you refine the divine within.  

The Divine within is constantly growing and expanding with every loving, compassionate, forgiving thought, as you reclaim your birth right, as you remember who you truly are.

You are me and I am you.  We are the Divine. We are All That Is.

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