Friday 5 April 2019

Divine Mother: We are astounded

We are not unaware of the mudslinging, anger, hatred, fear and vindictiveness that is being broadcast at you through every media channel available at this present moment in time.  We are aware of how this is bringing you down.  However…!

We are astounded at how well you are holding your centres, how determined you are in your commitment to love, respect, forgive and find peace, regardless of what you see around you.  We are in awe of the great numbers of you who have decided to turn away from ‘news’ that brings you down, that depresses you and makes you feel impotent.  

You, my wonderful children, are finding a new path.  You are courageously charting a new road, leaving behind the programming of the old elites, the cabal, and you are re-creating yourselves, your society and your world, with this small yet bold steps.

There is unending joy in the higher realms at the speed at which the ascension growth is now progressing, as enlightened beingness spreads through your hearts and minds like wildfire.  This is the fire of the phoenix; the fire that cleanses the old so that the alchemy of the new may manifest.

You are arising from the ashes of a society that is in its death throes.  Be confident in your choices for the higher good.  Proclaim loudly your love, your forgiveness, your compassion.  Become the new media of the light, engulfing the old paradigm which will eventually wither away; its time past.

You are not the future; you are the Present.  The now moment, and the Gift.  You are the gift you have been waiting for and as you free yourselves, love yourselves, honour yourselves and in turn, free, love and honour others, you create the new paradigm: Heaven on Earth.

This is your moment.  We watch in awe and wonder at the miracles you perform daily, in spite of the obstacles, and we – the Company of Heaven and I – are uplifted.  This is your moment.  This is your victory.  The impetus for great change, for massive change, for unrecognisable change is here.

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