Wednesday 24 April 2019

Commander Ashian: You are the linch pins

Greetings dear friends.  

I am Ashian, a commander on one of the research vessels from the Palaedians in the outer rim of your solar system.  The work of my team is entirely focused on the Ascension process through the lens of the emotional matrix of your planet.  This is the emotional pulse of your collective, all who are coexisting with Gaia.

Those of you who are exceptionally intuitive and empathic may not realise that a part of your mission, if not the entirety of your mission, on your beautiful planet, has been to relay the emotional vibration of your planet.  

Imagine it like this: emotions are the pulse of humanity.  Your words may distort or lie, but your emotional body does not, i  So, it will reflect your egoic state, but it will not lie or distort that information.  That is why we are constantly monitoring the emotional temperature of all upon Gaia.  
t is associated with the base limbic brain and by-passes the ego.

This information has served in two ways: we have learnt more about the challenges our ‘boots on the ground’ have faced, so we have re-calibrated their bodies and emotional fields to try to ease some of the energetic intensity on you; and, we have also used this information in conjunction with the Galactic Forces to understand the moment by moment evolution of humanity and the ascension process.

While you are looking for a time and a date, which we understand is a reflection of your predominant, temporal matrix, we are looking at the frequency of your emotions.  The more love in your emotional states, the more light in your beings and the higher the frequency of you vibration.  It is vibration - not time - that matters to us.

We are appreciative of the enormous work that you who are reading this have done to contribute to this galactic project, which will unfold across countless other galaxies too.  You, dearest hearts, are the linchpins.  

We understand that the most sensitive in society are frequently mocked, disdained and side-lined for their apparent over-sentimentality.  However, in order to pick up, process, relay and transmute the emotional states of millions, it has been needful that you were so finely tuned.

We are deeply saddened by the pain and despair this has brought to many of you, as we are also amazed by the courage you have shown to keep rising above that pain, and continuing with your journey, your growth and your assistance to humanity.  

You have truly excelled and brought yourself enormous spiritual growth and expansion.  We thank you for your assistance and we bid you farewell for now.  

We are constantly with you, more closely than you can imagine, as we are All One, so please call on us when you are feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, down or up, and we will be there to support, nourish and sustain you.

We thank you.

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