Thursday 20 June 2019

Sananda: Eden is inside you


Greetings beloved hearts, I am Sananda, also known as Joshua* and Jeshua, or Yeshi as some of you call me.   

And the name matters not, except that it helps you to ‘locate’ yourself with reference to the information, but the message is always the same.   

We seek to uplift you, to inspire you, to keep your courageous hearts aflame with the desire, the motivation and the energy to continue in this work, for we understand well that it is draining.

When it was approaching the end of my time on earth, I knew that the energy was increasing, it was quickening, events started to happen faster (by our standards then!) and I started to see that the same people were coming back to hear me, time and again.  

In the beginning, there were many new faces, people who came to check me out, to decide if I was truly mad, or if I was worth listening to.  By the end, there was a group of nearly one thousand, who would come and listen.  But they did more than listen, they drank in the words and the meaning of the words, because it fed their souls, which were parched and starved of water, like a cool spring.

As you will notice, there are similarities in your end of times too.  You are starting to see that others who may have dismissed you, are coming back into your world, listening to you with a new willingness.   

The seeds that you have planted, not just through your words, but through your actions, and the very essence of who you are, are starting to sprout.  

Each light worker and love holder, even if you think you are under the radar, is of vital importance in clearing, harmonising and lifting the vibration of the area they are in and everyone they encounter.  

You are following on my work, whether you know it or not.  The seeds that I planted are now blossoming into trees through You.  And now your seeds, are also beginning to sprout.  Soon Gaia will be returned to Eden.

Eden, the garden of paradise, is a state of mind, or more precisely, a level of vibration, an emotional experience of love, peace, joy, harmony.  I invite you now, to begin practicing living in Eden, by focusing on your inner world: your inner peace, love, joy and harmony.  The outer world will come to reflect that, and you will not have to wait as long as me to see that manifest!

First inside, then outside.  Those in shadows would have you believe, and have almost successfully trained you to believe, that you must get before you can give, you must see before you can be.  No!  This is not of the light and it is not truth.  

Be then see.   

Give then get.   

I’m not advocating recklessness, but boldness, audaciousness, courage… believe inside, let your heart dance freely in the traffic jam, doing the washing up… let your heart dance.  If you heart doesn’t feel like dancing, then cuddle it closely and lavish it with my divine flow of energy.  Soon it will be ready to dance!

The glad tidings are that the time is truly almost upon us.  The more strongly you are grounded in peace, love and joy inside – in the face of all that happens around you – the faster the end times will come. It will also make the transition easier for you, for you will have mastered that which you came to experience.

My beloveds, we are in this together, and I am walking with you every moment.  When you tire, call me and I will immediately become apparent to you.

Thank you for your great love and service to All That Is.

*This came as a surprise to me and I don't know if it's true or not.  On checking, I discovered that God called on Joshua to lead the Israelite across the River Jordan after Moses's death.  
Apparently the names Joshua and Jesus both have their roots in the name Yeshua.

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