Tuesday 25 June 2019

Ashian: You are almost there

Ashian: Greetings, it is Ashian, and I am so happy to come here this day.  

There are many who are struggling and looking to the skies for a window of home, a window of hope, a little inspiration that the changes we describe are really happening and that all truly is well with your world, in the middle of the mess and disintegration of the old system.

We wish you to know that all is truly in hand.  You are all greatly loved, and this final purging is for the benefit of those who have resisted to the last, those how have been reluctant to step forward on their paths.   

They are being offered a final reprieve, a moment to step up and embrace the love that lies hidden within.  But first, they must be willing to also visit the spaces where lovelessness hides, cracks they wish they could forget.  

 If they are willing to see, even a little of the shadow, they will be doing themselves a great service for future lifetimes, even if they choose not to ascend in this lifetime.

Jennifer: Thanks Ashian, I know many are excited to know more about the impending disclosure and delegations.  What can you add to this?

A: We, like you, are very excited that final preparations are in place. 

Many are being prepared, around the globe [for first contact].  The strategy will be for formal and informal meetings, some are more shrouded in discretion than others, because, remember, this is a planetary wise* project. 

Again, the first of its kind, to bring a civilisation from a galactic quarantine to full disclosure in an extremely short period of time.  Indeed, it would not be possible, if it were not for the rising energies of the ascension tsunamis of love, and the dedication of those brave, loving light workers.   

The collective of humanity is both blessed and fortunate that the light worker collective not only fulfilled their soul contracts, but went beyond them to request and work tirelessly for a planetary ascension.  This was never truly considered a likely outcome, and yet here we are.

J: I think Light workers everywhere will be touched to read this.

A: And on to the meetings, the missions, the trips. 

J: Trips?

A: Yes, as a part of the introduction process, two things are required.  The first, is that those whom we meet with trust us as equals.  The second, is that you trust our technology.   There have been many ‘horror sci-fi’ films and stories created to make the idea of our crafts fearful.   

As you know from your visit**, this is not the experience of coming on board at all.  Our crafts are extensions of us, for many of us [galactics], they are as alive and conscious as we are.  For that reason, they too emit love, compassion, nurture and emotional nourishment.  They are not inert, far from it.

And so, coming on board our crafts, experiencing what it is to be welcomed within, by us and our craft, will be a significant part of the… demystification process... for humans.   

You consider your homes inert, though a small fraction of you are aware that they are sentient in the way that rocks are also sentient.  Coming on board our crafts will prove to be an uplifting, expansive and regenerative experience for all who choose to visit us.

It will, obviously, begin with a small number, but that will rapidly increase as disclosure unfolds. 

It will unfold very rapidly, once we enter the final phase.

J: What is the final phase?

A: It is physical sightings, widely reported and complemented by one-to-one meetings, delegation meetings…

Yes!  I feel you asking me about timing and then remembering it is about vibration!  The vibration level required is being met, but it has to stabilise.  That is the important component, the stabilisation of the required vibrationary level.  You are almost there sweet one.  You are all almost there.  Or here!

J: Thanks Ashian!

* 'wise' seems to have been purposefully used, not 'wide' as I had expected.
** Ashian is referring to when he and I 'co-existed', I had the opportunity to walk into his craft which was landed on this planet but shielded, so I could only perceive it through my third eye.

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  1. I just read this on Gaia and thank you so much! I really resonated with this and felt it so clearly to be true. So "obvious" lol. bless you.