Friday 7 June 2019

Divine Mother: Now is the moment to Reparent Yourselves

Just as a mother loves her children, I love you.  But the love that I have for you goes far beyond a mother’s love because this love is the intimate embrace of Self with Self.  You are me and I am you.   

I have reminded you of this many times, and I come here on this day to remind you of this again, because I wish to echo the communication of self compassion and self love that dearest Ashian provided last week.

The single most important contribution you can make to the Ascension process at this point in time is to love yourselves.  And I don’t mean a cursory, ‘yeah, I’m ok I guess’.  Oh no, my children!  I mean something that is far deeper and more soul-nourishing; I mean complete surrender of your self to Your Self.  I mean a total embrace of everything there is about you.  No quibbles, no improving, no striving and trying, no search to become more worthy, ‘better’ people.  

You are already perfect.  Your quirks are perfect, for they are the essence of YOU.  The you that I love and adore and, more importantly, created in just this way.

There are some structured religions that ask their adherents to examine their conscience every night to observe where they can do better and where they must ask for forgiveness.  I have a radical suggestion for you!

You may do this too, but with as part of a very different process.  I know that you are all so busy during your days, that time for self-reflection is limited.  You have no time to notice where you condemned yourself for doing this or that wrongly, where you quietly yet viciously attacked your sweetest self for being too slow, stupid, thoughtless, arrogant, unkind… the list is endless; my children, you have made too many rods to beat yourselves with.

My suggestion is, when you have a moment for self reflection, and an event comes to mind that you would like to relive in a different way, I suggest you love yourself first and foremost.  Love the you that are stealthily critiquing for ‘not getting it right’! 

Imagine reliving the moment just as you would wish it to be.  And then love yourself again.  Send that love to the ‘past’ you in that moment, the ‘present’ you who is loving yourself, and the future you who will have that inner love to draw upon when it is next required.

No one, least of all me, has asked you to be perfect.  We, the Divine Father and I, along with all the company of heaven and angels, have asked only that you love yourselves.  

You have been trained in right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and undesirable.  But really, all you needed as children was the freedom to be yourselves, to love and be loved, and to share the essence of you with all those around you.

Now is the moment of reparenting yourselves because it is practice in opening up to divine love; it is practice is acknowledging that you are worth this infinite love, indeed that you are this infinite love, experiencing life through the magic of this particular vessel right now.  

There is a great influx of light, love and divine energy surging through your precious Gaia at this moment in time.  The more self-love you nurture, the more energy you can receive and transmit.  This is your greatest work: self-love.  I understand it is also your greatest challenge; but are you not worthy of the greatest of challenges on this epic adventure into Ascension?  

Oh you are, my sweet ones, and more than worthy.  You came here to shine the light of self-love, of divine love, of ascended love and that you are doing.

With all my love, I ask you to call on me whenever you need me, whenever you need help, compassion, love, inspiration, or just the company of a loving mother.  Call on me, for I am always with you.


  1. I've just discovered you blog, at exactly the right time for me. Thank you for sharing all this! :)

  2. I've just discovered you blog, at exactly the right time for me. Thank you for sharing all this! :)