Tuesday 16 June 2020

Divine Mother - Degrees of awakening

The awakening process works on different levels:  there are those who have slumbered long, who now have a feeling that things have changed, but they are unable to express why.   

Of course, they see the changes after the global lock down, but they sense that something deeper has changed, even if they are not able to put into words what this may be.  This group is experiencing a gentle nudging from the inside, a feeling that is sometimes hopeful, sometimes fearful.

Then there are those who are awakening to the lies that have been forced upon humanity, and this group can experience despair for some, anger and rage for others.  This is proper, it is a stage of the bereavement process through which they must pass.  Experiencing it and acting it out are, however, very different.

There is another group, who have passed through this process and have moved to understanding that all is love.  If you find that, on some days, you drop from loving forgiveness into rage and perhaps even despair, this too is part of the process.  Be gentle with yourself, then you can hold that vibration for others.

This group is currently focusing on light and love within, as well as sending love and light to those whose hearts lack this divine food, where divine love and light has been squashed, brutalised or suppressed.  

Finally, there is yet another group of light workers, who not only know that all is love, but they are experiencing this directly, as their hearts open to direct experience of their Higher Self, so that the love that has lain hidden within them for so many lifetimes erupts within them.

All groups are necessary, just as all stages on the journey are necessary.  You cannot jump from discovery to heart expansion directly, you do have to pass through the stages.  

To create heaven on earth right now would result in disaster, because the majority of humanity would not be able to comprehend the leap and they would seek to recreate situations and behaviours that resonated with them, creating more chaos and pain. 

The past needs to be cleared, the pain needs to be healed.   

I am not saying that we are waiting for 100% healing, 100% clearing: we are awaiting the vibrational tipping point.  And you are so very, very close. 
All those who predominantly hold the vibration of love, hold a higher vibration than those predominantly living in fear; therefore, the energy they exude has greater power, due to its higher vibration. Fewer people, but greater light power.

The less you seek worldly power, the more you seek forgiveness and love.  Paradoxically, through this process, your inner power grows.  It is then that you have begun to surrender the ego, allowing the power of the divine to flow through you in the service of the highest good.   

You are all, without exception, channels of divine love, some of you are more open to that love than others.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that your space and vibration is sacred.  It is a part of the whole and it is serving its purpose in freeing humanity.  

The process of awakening is the process of releasing the divine within.  The Divine Mother Father One is an energy of complete love and acceptance.  The journey to this vibration is the reason for all incarnations: the journey.

Where ever you are, whoever you are, you are of Me; you are sacred and welcome, forgiven and received within Me, no matter what.

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