Saturday 6 June 2020

Xiaera: 'New' abilities quickly coming online

Welcome, we are honoured to have the opportunity to talk with you all once more.  

As you are all aware, there is immense clearing going on at the physical and energetic level.  You may see chaos outside, but those of you with the eyes to see, know that this is the exposure of the poison that has beset your societies over millennia.  It is now coming to the surface to be seen and healed.  This you know, if you are reading this channel.

Along with external clearing, there is enormous internal clearing.  You are clearing the karmic residues of the past, for yourself and for others.  The results of this will be quite startling for some of you as ‘new’ abilities quickly come on line.  

You may find your ability to hear, see, sense or know information is greatly attuned.  You may see beings and energies that you have not seen before.  You may hear voices clearly, lovingly guiding you.  You may know information before it becomes available to you through normal channels.

This is because, until now, you have been wrapped in webs of dark light.  Dark light is the distortion of pure love light.  It lowers vibrations and acts as a conduit for negative programming that pushes you further from your divine right, your divine knowing, your divine Self.

This has been so insidious that you have not noticed it, you have thought that you were the worried, fearful, stressed, failing person your ego whispered to you: especially in your highest and lowest moments.  

None of this was ever true; you are soon to know the full glory of your divine Self.

Your higher abilities are now coming on line for you.  The dark web enveloping you and your planet is no longer.  The energetic core used to feed the dark programming directly into your subconscious is no longer.  

You are free.  

It will take a while for the meaning of this to completely sink in.  We would invite you to connect with your higher Self for greater clarification, as this is now more possible than ever before.  

The conscious communion of you and your Higher Self is already taking place, and while there will come a moment when that is finalised and completed, in a blinding flash of illumination, you already have direct access.

The task at hand, for those of you who feel the urge, is to begin the conversation with your Higher Self now.  It may be through art, through music, through automatic writing; it could be through sport, dance or even while you sleep.  Set the intention to develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and it will evolve rapidly.  

If you are unsure of the meaning of any communication, ask for confirmation.  Signs, symbols and synchronicities are the language of the Self.  

You are no longer in the spiral downwards, in the descent.  You are in the Grand Return.  You are rising up now, expanding into the fulness of who you truly are. 

This is necessary, because the enhanced wisdom of your Higher Selves will be required to find inspired, compassionate and wise ways of healing the wounds of the past while creating a brand-new future.  Your future is Heaven is on Earth, where Gaia is restored to her original glory and each one of you are restored to your original glory.

That future is not ‘at hand’, that future is here now.  This is the Now of Ascension. 


  1. how can I sign up to receive your updates please?

  2. Hi Ajstan, thank you so much for this question. I had tried to set up a subscription email, but it didn't work. I will be porting the blog at some point soon, so that readers can get email updates, but for the moment, it's best to check here or one of the sites that kindly feature the channels, including, or, some of whom offer email updates.
    Love and blessings to you,