Thursday 18 June 2020

Xiaera: Ascension is quantum, not linear

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Juanjo Menta

J: How can we help speed up the ascension process?

X: This my dearest, is the question of the ages, and it goes for us as much as for you.  Right now, humanity is in the final stages of labour.  The pain is intense, there are more waves of pain to come, but you know the outcome will be good so, even though you want to stop, you continue.

Continuing with your service to the light, that is how you can serve.

J: Could you be more specific please?

X: it really depends from person to person.  There is no one way, but there are general principles: underlying all of these, is love.  

Whenever you are unsure of how to react, of what to do or say, return to love.  Focus within, on your open heart.  The very moment you do that, you align with the Legions of Heaven and the Galactic Forces; then, everything becomes possible.  Aligned with love, miracles are invited in and can occur in front of your eyes.

What may be hard to see yet, is that the collaboration between all the awakened ones on Gaia, the Legions of Heaven and the Galactic Forces, has changed substantially.  When you are aligned with love, the help we are able to give you is much greater than before.  

We are now allowed to assist you in a far more active manner; we are allowed to inspire you; to drop ideas into your minds; and to melt hearts that are just about open to the power of love. 

We are now in a position to work with you – as long as you are completely aligned with love.  Your vibration calls us in and opens portals or channels through which we can collaborate with you, to speed the resurrection of the light, the rebirth of humanity and Gaia.  

The distance that used to separate us is no longer, we have been given the go-ahead to assist and our assistance will only increase.

J: I know what you’re going to add!

X: Yes!  It is all about alignment, it is all about the service to the light, holding a vibration of pure love that seeks neither revenge nor power.  

You are the physicalised humans.  The ideas and actions must come through you, for the core of this ascension process is mass ascension in physical form.  We may assist, but we are only ever the midwives, not the mother giving birth.  Our role is to support all that is in alignment with the highest good.

J: So, what happened to allow you to interact more closely with us?

X: The final battle was won.  Now, there are those on the dark side playing their last cards, hoping that they can somehow win a decisive victory.  They cannot.  The war has been won, consequently we may assist you, so that change comes with greater speed and ease.

J: And yet, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, is it?

X: No, my beloved, it shall not.  There is much preparation to be done yet; while you are sweeping away the old, you are also imagining and planning for the new.  This takes time.  

If humanity as a whole, were to be transported to the time of completion, you could not sustain it t present.  There is still too much unresolved within your hearts, your institutions, your ancestry lineages...  All this is being cleared and, even if you don’t see us, we are actively helping with this process.

Our love for you is as great as our love for our children.  We would not put you on a trajectory you could not sustain.  By doing it this way, you free yourselves, you gain the skills and competence you need to truly be divine creators of the highest light.

J: Is there anything more you would like to add?

X: Only to remind you that the best is yet to come.   There is an incremental journey.  The longer you are able to sit in love and hold love, regardless of what is happening around you, the further along the path of mastery you progress.  At what you might call milestones, certain events are … triggered … new opportunities for clearing and progressing – individually and collectively – are presented to you.

You are making unimaginable progress.  Remember that this is no longer a linear process, it is quantum.  Enormous changes can happen very quickly.

You are shining, all of you are playing your roles magnificently. Judge no one, simply offer everything to light, and watch the miracles unfold around you.

J: Ok, so I try to hold the light myself all the time.  Often, I forget, or I slip, then I refocus and yet I don’t see miracles happening around me.  I don’t mean to challenge you, but more to understand what you mean more clearly.

X: Miracles are not just burning bushes, or winning the lottery!  Consider the process of ascension like building a town.  Previously, you had to lay every brick yourselves, you had to make the cement and buy the bricks… 

Now, every time you notice a wobble and recentre yourself, or you forgive someone who judges or blames you, or… or… or… Every act where you move from the shadow to love, we are empowered to lay bricks for you.  

Your ‘town’ is taking shape much faster than you realise.  Soon, at the rate you are developing the ability to stay in love regardless of what happens around you, it is not bricks we shall be adding, but buildings, parks, waterways and concert halls.  

The inner work is everything, because it dramatically changes the external landscape for individuals and the collective.  Love is the building block of ascension.  Miracles are healing the shadows that blind you to love.  Mastery is moving beyond emotional awareness, into Higher Self-awareness; the space where solutions appear and innovations burst forth effortlessly.
Now, have you noticed miracles?

J: Yes, I have!  

X: Wonderful.  Humanity is on the brink of mastery; it takes far fewer than you may imagine to tip the balance, then miracles even more evident will emerge.

J: Thank you

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