Wednesday 12 August 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Understanding telepathy

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J: Welcome back!  I suppose it goes without saying (!) that there is much more to share about telepathy.
Ashian:  Indeed this is so!  We are excited to communicate more on this wonderful subject that will open up so many new opportunities for you, our brothers and sisters.

As we mentioned, we communicate telepathically onboard this ship, between family members and friends, even with humans.  Indeed, it is our preferred way of communicating, as it requires far less energy than speech and it is a quantum leap ahead in terms of clear communication.

J:  This morning I had no desire to talk to anyone, it felt as though it required too much energy and concentration.  It's not a feeling I experience frequently, but it gave me a very clear insight into how much energy speaking requires.  I hadn't really been aware of that before.

A: Precisely!  And it is not by chance that you had this experience, just before we embarked on this communication!

J: Yes, I had rather begun to realise that!

A: So you have had a clear experience of the energy required for speaking.  You may also have this experience when you are lost in an absorbing project, or if you are very ill; the amount of energy required to speak at these times can seem too great.

Apart from the energetic efficiency of telepathy, a very important, even freeing, aspect of telepathy is how greatly it will enhance your communication, expression, empathy and understanding.

You have a film title, 'Lost in Translation', this is apt, for even when people are speaking the same language have utterly different understandings and experiences of words.  For example, if two people are talking about mothers; one person had a loving, caring empathic mother, while the other had a very frightened, authoritarian and distant mother, their individual understanding of that conversation will be remarkably different, even if they are aware of how different their mothers were.

Telepathy overcomes this limitation.  Information is transmitted in 'packages'.  These packages contain concepts, bundles of information, rather than words; they are almost like tiny living films which you watch and you feel; you experience the emotions of the person who is transmitting the information to you, as well as details and nuances, for example a look or a gesture, that would not, could not, be adequately expressed through language, as there are too many layers of detail and meaning to convey.

J: I have a sense of what you mean, because I have some limited experience of these packets or bubbles of expression, but not enough!  I do agree with you, it makes complete sense that far less meaning will be lost, and expression will clearer so consequently our understanding of what another wishes to convey will be infinitely greater.

A: Indeed it is so.  We find it so effective we would not return to spoken words among ourselves, though clearly not all communication when we initially meet with you, our brothers and sisters, will be telepathic.  But for those of you who are ready and able for this...!

We also wish to note that some people are afraid of having their thoughts interrupted and their privacy invaded.  

As you can imagine, using telepathy requires a society where trust, honesty and respect are the cornerstones.  We never invade the space of another nor the thoughts of another.  This would be inconceivable to us, but we feel that this needs to be addressed as we are aware of some reading these words experiencing this anxiety.

It may reassure you to note that we observe what you could describe as protocols as to when to communicate with others; for example, we are able to sense when they are resting or absorbed in something from which they do not wish to be disturbed.  Such degrees of understanding will soon be yours too.

J: This is all really fascinating and truly I can't wait to have some much richer, deeper conversations with loved ones.  As we begin to understand that we are all one, this will evolve more rapidly.

A: There are many things to come that will help to enhance this ability, so continue to play with this ability and have fun with it!

J: Thanks Ashian.

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