Friday 7 August 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Your new telepathy

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J: I have to laugh, because I have felt you nudging me for hours to write this post: Hello!  And welcome!

Ashian: Thank you!  It is always a pleasure to share in your energies and to participate in the unfurling process that is ascension.

We have information we wish to bring forth.  Many have struggled with loss of contact with loved ones in the lock down.  Yes, there are phones and zoom calls and all manner of ways to connect, but the intense emotional intimacy of being in the physical presence of a loved one, of hugging and interacting with a loved one, was absent for many.  There was a hole, a pain, created in each being that was deprived of the physical presence of their loved ones.

This is as the dark side would wish it to be.  They thrive on pain and negative energy, and I do not say that to make anyone feel bad; honestly acknowledging any negative emotions and feelings frees that energy of its darkness and converts it to the light energetic. 

This is the crucial alchemy that starseeds and light workers across our precious Gaia are performing, for the benefit of all who lack the skills to do this work at present.

However, what was not so clearly anticipated by those forces, is that this enforced distancing has led to the rise of telepathic neural networks within the human collective. 

Unconsciously, many of you have been connecting on different planes with your loved ones; you have said prayers for them - which evokes their spirit; you have had 'imaginary chats' with them - which evokes their spirit; you have dreamt of them - which evokes their spirit.  You are beginning to get the picture!

Physical presence creates an emotional intimacy; spiritual presence also creates that emotional intimacy, albeit in a more refined vibration. 

Without knowing it, many of you have been reigniting the foundation and framework for your - soon to come - full telepathic abilities.  
The lock down has expanded your spiritual abilities.

At present, this is akin to when children learn to draw; the colours wash gloriously across the paper and the child proudly declares they have painted a cat, as the equally proud parents try to decipher 'cat' from the shades and squiggles!  However, with practice and guidance, a shape that is identifiable as 'cat' emerges.

So it is with your telepathic abilities.  You have begun, you are now in training, exploring and playing with this new ability. 

Imagine hugging the person you are separated from, this will be registered by them and will evoke a deeper sense of intimacy within you, between your loved one and you.  Have conversations where you see them sitting with you; you are not imagining them, their soul is present, you are in connection, a more refined connection but, as you get used to it, you will come to experience it as emotionally intimate as physical contact. 

If there is someone who is willing to practice with you, all the better!  It will strengthen your ability.

With the coming Light jump, or shift, many 'new' abilities will come to the front and telepathy is one that you can begin to practice now.  Even if you feel that you are not successful, you are reawakening these neural pathways and strengthening them, which will make it easier when your new abilities are consciously held within you.

You may like to know that, on this ship, we are mostly telepathic.  

J: Thanks Ashian, that's wonderful to learn... or 'telepath'!  Sorry, what a terrible joke!

A: 😃 It is always our pleasure to share with you all: you are we and we are you.


  1. Nothing imaginary about my chats! Last October, my beloved died unexpectedly at home. Even though I live by myself, I keep telling people that "I have a full house every night"! What I've noticed is that if I stop thinking with my brain and talking with my mouth, then my heart can feel the feelings! Images of her presence have now become stronger and more life-like. She may be dead, but she is still present, and she still loves me! As I do her, too!

  2. That is wonderful Ron. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, and so very touched that you would share your journey with us. Your experience shows that love is eternal and that death is only of the body, not the spirit, not the connection and, most certainly, not the love. Thank you for sharing, Ron.