Thursday 20 August 2020

Cmdr Ashian: We not Me

Close Up Photo of Peeled Fruits


 J: Greetings Ashian!  It lovely to connect with you again.  You do seem to have a lot to say on the issue of communication at present!*

A: Thank you my dear one; yes, communication - clean, clear and compassionate communication - is about to become crucial on your planet, more than it ever has been.

Communication will require immense compassion in the immediate future.  Communication is not just speaking, it is deep, compassionate listening.  Human communication has become unconsciously cruel and violent, reflecting both your inner traumas and outer social turmoil.  

Yet, those who become more aware of how they communicate - when they are listening as much as when they are speaking - will have developed an exceptionally valuable tool, a tool that only evolves as an expression of wisdom, a vision of 'I' that expands beyond the narrow, personal view of 'I'.

Your communication reveals how far you have traveled on your journey of ascension, for your communication is the expression of your essence.

J: I had never thought of this in that way, but it makes perfect sense now that you say it: as always!

A: We are pleased it resonates.  We wish to address the use of 'We' and 'I'.  When you transcribe these channels we note that you fluctuate between 'I' and 'we'.  

J: Yes, that's true.  

A: We do not use I in these communications and yet we understand how it can be confusing for you.  For us, although we are individuated, we do not possess the crisp, clipped boundaries of human individuality, that is now evolving rapidly.  

We are deeply aware that 'All is One', that we are all aspects of each other, in a way that may not be easy to comprehend in human experience at present.  We are the 'I', we flow through each other; our experience of being one is so deep and so intimate, that we cannot consider any individuation as 'other', as 'you', or 'he', 'she' or 'they' for we feel, know and live that We are One.

J: That's a little hard to grasp, though I get a strong sense of what you are trying to convey.

A: Consider these examples; have you ever felt so deeply connected to someone - a partner, a sibling, a parent, a friend - that you spoke of 'we' in every sentence?  You knew each other so well, you were able to speak for 'we'?  Perhaps you have a group with whom you are deeply connected, like a group of friends, colleagues or family, and you personally have bought a present for someone yet without hesitation the gift was from the entire group, even if you were the person who organised it?  How often have you thought of a loved one, only to have them ring you very soon after?

These are examples that express the spirit of that which we wish to convey, even if it does not adequately convey depth of connection we would like to express.

J: They're good examples though, I get a clear sense of what you mean, and I can easily understand that our experience of connection is stifled by our 'crisp, clipped' bodies that seem to indicate that we are separate to social programming and emotional fractures.  Nonetheless, you make an interesting point.

From my perspective, it feels like two realities at once when we channel.  I feel 'you' Ashian, as some form of individuated being, yet at the same time, I also have a very deep sense when you speak there is more than one... possibly a bit like a choir singing one line has more depth or resonance than just one person singing the same line.

Yes, it's challenging to try to understand and express something for which we may have the concepts, but we lack the lived experience to truly understand what that concept means.

A: Indeed it is.  And be reassured, there is no exam in this!  We share merely to expand your understanding and further the bridge the gaps in understanding between us, so that when we meet, we will already have forged many pathways to understanding and intimacy.

J: Wonderful, as always!  Thanks Ashian.

*When looking for the image for this channel, I stumbled upon images of citrus fruit segments and pomegranates - I think they make the point about separation and oneness very vividly; thanks Ashian!

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