Sunday 1 November 2020

Cmdr Ashian: Sleep bathing - a Galactic Spa Experience

Sleep is not just the time you regenerate, or the time you work in the astral realms.  It is also the time when you are able to process and alchemise the emotions that flooded you during the day; this is why many of you feel better in the morning than in the evening.

We suggest that to amplify this process, you ask for assistance at night, so that the heavy emotions can be synthesised from your bodies rapidly and easily. 

Sleep bathing is a deep cleansing process whereby your consciousness is moved through your resting emotional structures to synthesis heavy emotions, thereby lifting them from your physical bodies.   It assists in the crystalisation of your bodies, and in detoxifying them, by applying subtle galactic cleansing processes to your regenerative sleep time.  

Sleep has been undervalued by humans for far too long.  The experience of heaviness and toxicity is so damaging to your physcial bodies at present that we are looking for every opportunity possible to assist you.

Consider the sleep bath, as our gift to you, helping you to float in a wonderful bath while experiencing a deeply relaxing massage at the same time.  It is simultaneously lightening to your physical, mental and our emotional bodies.

This will allow we to have a deeper, more healing sleep, even if we are working on other planes – as most of you currently are at present.

And remember, just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

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