Thursday 3 September 2009

Only love

How complicated we make life. I speak with the voice of experience on this matter! If there is the possibility of over-complicating something, I'm already on it!

In the search for a deeper sense of peace, a stronger sense of connection with the Divine - however one conceives of them - I have read too much, thought too much, and analysed too much.

The key is simple: love.

How many ways can I find to love? How wide can I open my heart? How generous can I be in my patience? How deep in my forgiveness?

All the masters throughout the ages have been united in one message: LOVE.

We can get caught up in grocery lists, the school run, the work commute, the person who makes us feel small and stupid... In reality, these are only dramas if we choose to make them dramas.

And if we can find love in our hearts... they can lose their sting in an instant.

I’m going to hold a selection of loving memories stored in my mind to dip into when the going feels tough, so that I can quickly reconnect to love, to healing my own life and helping to heal our planet.

It's the simplest things that I sometimes forget. I write this blog to remind myself of the simple things... And of the indescribable power of love.

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