Tuesday 1 September 2009

An angel saved my life

It was a cold, overcast Thursday afternoon in February 1997. I was walking home from a seminar at the University where I was studying.

As I walked down the hill to the crossroads, I noticed that there were no cars on the road. I turned the corner to cross the road at its narrowest point, but that meant that I could no longer see down that road. I remember reasoning that the green light was about to turn red and there were no cars coming, so it was probably safe across the road.

I was almost half way across the road when, out of nowhere, I heard a crisp, no-nonsense male voice say, "Cross the road. Car coming very fast. Run. Red." As if on automatic pilot, I started to run.

I had just put my foot on the pavement when a red taxi came screeching around the corner at high speed. It was jumping the lights. If I hadn't run, I would have been seriously injured, if not killed.

Shock ran through me; I looked around, but the roads were deserted. No cars. No people. Where had that disembodied voice come from? I walked the remainder of the way home, trembling. It took quite some time to feel calm again: not because of the near-miss, but the quality of that voice... I knew it wasn't human.

Many years later I began to come across similar stories; stories in which that voice had the same qualities as I had experienced. I say ‘experienced’ purposely - this was more than a voice that one hears: there was a rich experience in simply hearing that voice that I cannot, even now, articulate clearly.

Recently a friend sent me lots of angel gifts and I was surprised at how friends have come to associate me with angels. We all have angels, including a guardian angel who accompanies us through life. They stand guard, even when we are not aware of them - and they love to show up as rainbows, so we know we are not alone!

We are never alone, nor do we even need to have all the answers: we can ask for help and inspiration at any moment – it’s just a matter of be willing to follow it when those reoccurring thoughts, dreams and inspirational insights arrive!

And if that reoccuring thought is that you need to have more fun in life - then I'd pay attention to it, because it's probably right...!

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  1. WOW Jen, that is a beautiful experience and thank you for sharing. In a similar vein I would like to thank you for being my Angel. You have been awesome in the way you have saved my business, your fabulous insights, creativity, resources and cunning questions have enabled me to take a different perspective on my business and move it forward in a way no one else has.

    Thank you my Angel, in total gratitude.