Monday 7 September 2009

To dare, to dream, to dance

Daily life is full of small, beautifully formed miracles. We all graced by these miracles every day, we just fail to see them, to savour these little miracles… and these little miracles do have a cumulative effect I believe. They create momentum; they pave the way for even bigger miracles. They lead us towards the life of our dreams.

Not the ‘I want to win the Lotto’ dream, but the deeper dream behind that – the soul’s yearning to stretch itself, to live a life of purpose and passion, to master a skill, to connect and share intimacy with others, to drink deeply of the heady delight of life, beyond the fears and anxieties of daily living.

That beauteous, joyful life already exists but we choose not to see it. Too often we choose to pour our attention into our fears, into our anxieties, into our disagreements and our betrayals. Yes, they exist and we all have a story to tell. But for me, the most inspiring stories are always told by people who have completely embraced their story and turned it into gold. They accept. They forgive. They trust. They love. They dream. They dare.

They are living life. I have so much to learn from these people. Many of them, I suspect, are like me. They see the miracle in flower knowing innately the right moment to blossom and they are touched by the infinite wisdom and grace inherent in the dance of life. And the next second they are side-tracked by the ninth telesales call in an hour.

I deeply believe that is part of the dance, for I cannot escape who I am. But I also have a dream, and I dare to live it every day – to believe the impossible, to delight in rainbows, to forgot the wonder of life. And then to remember it all over again.

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