Friday 4 September 2009

The last taboo

Love yourself.

I do believe it is the last taboo of our society. Or pretty close at least!

Be kind to yourself.

Think before jumping in to save someone who may not wish to be saved, who may wish to gain an insight through that particular experience.

Be kind to yourself. When you are strong and centred you do more to heal this planet and those of us who voyage on it when you vibrate at a higher rate.

I read today that suffering is a part of the spiritual path. For some - or even many - this is the only way they choose to learn that they are not alone. The only way that they can release enough control to ask for help, whether from others or from the Divine.

We can still help, but when asked. Not before. Otherwise we rob our best beloveds of the time and experiences they require for their journey.

It seems funny to imagine that we can save others, that we know more than the great intelligence behind life itself!

Rather than rushing to help and save others, stand back and be gentle with you. Nurture and care for yourself. Allow yourself to be simple, to unclutter your life, your actions… to act from spaciousness inside, from an inner sense of knowingness, not out of spontaneous reaction, not out of fear or even a desire to rescue.

Breathe deeply. Allow freedom to emerge within you, around you…

Allow yourself to be simplicity.

Allow yourself to love yourself.

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