Tuesday 5 January 2010

What I'm reading

Peter, my brother, was passing through a bookshop in Ireland before Christmas when this book 'lept' out at him for me! Although I wasn't convinced it was for me when I saw the cover, I quickly changed my opinion. Angels of Divine Light by Aidan Storey is an inspiring book.

With the ability to see and communicate with his angels from childhood, his story gave me a rare insight into another world. I believe we all have angels, but believing is so very different from seeing, speaking, experiencing and knowing.

Reading Aidan's story I was deeply touched by the simplicity, wisdom and love that flows from his angels. They are constantly there to help, guide, advise, comfort, console and heal. If his angels do that for him, then ours are most definitely doing that for us too. Reading this book increased my commitment to connecting to my own angels. How amazing! We are never alone and we can even develop our ability to connect with our own angels.

Alongside the potency of his angels' advice and teaching, another other outstanding feature of this book is Aidan's character: every page is infused with his gentleness, honesty, humility and genuine desire to help others. I found him utterly inspiring.

In brief, his story describes his journey from being abused by brothers in a Christian Brothers' school as a child - which left him with crippling self-esteem issues - through his own healing and forgiveness of those brothers to his slow acceptance that he is a healer who can help others.

This book is such a gift to Irish society at this moment; this is a time when the Church is under severe pressure - for the very reasons Aidan describes so vividly. He provides hope as he shows that the essence of spirituality innate in everyone and does not have to be accessed through a church. He speaks of a compassionate divine source that is not mediated through the church, but that embraces us daily through the love of our own angels, who are increasingly making contact with us in small ways, ranging from coins to fluffy white feathers found in unexpected places.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you have any curiosity about angels, start with Angels of Divine Light.

And thank you, Peter, for a Perfect present.

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