Wednesday 6 January 2010

Butterflies in Inland Revenue

Every nationality has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the more beautiful gifts for being Irish is that we inherit a sense that we are one with nature. I spent years in Irish language classes reading about characters who could speak to animals, or where animals suddenly started talking to the main character out of no where! That romantic spirit, where the impossible is possible and where nature is part of our psyche lives on within me to this day. Though you've probably noticed that by now! Which leads me to today's thought...

Anyone who is self-employed knows this time of year: tax payment time! As Stuart once said to me, "the bigger your tax bill, the better! Because it means you're earning more!" What a joyful way of looking at it.

I was thinking about this idea this morning and when a rather amusing idea crossed my mind - imagine if each pound was a butterfly! A symbol of beauty and transformation. Imagine how the staff member who receives my cheque would feel to be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of butterflies, sent with love and joy. What a difference that would make... !

So many people resent paying tax that I feel great empathy for those who work in Inland Revenue, as they are on the recieving end of so much unconscious resentment.

I'm now looking forward to sending them hundreds of beautiful butterflies!

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