Thursday 7 January 2010

Embedding our inner wisdom

There is a theme emerging around me, so I thought I'd write a short note about.

I have noticed that people are finding themselves in quite difficult situations, in situations that are similar to their idea of hell, to greater or lesser degrees, at present. It's popped up a couple of times in my life - and that's just since the New Year!

So I meditated on this to find out what is going on here. My understanding is this: These are situations that we have tailor-made to see if we can are able to sustain our higher vibrations (chiefly a positive, heart-centred openness and up-beat attitude) regardless of what is happening in our lives.

It seems to me that these are little microcosym experiments, to help us see how well we have been able to embed the changes that have occured within us as we move from the third to the fifth dimension.

The changes I am referring to are the ability to come from our hearts even when we feel apprehensive, to be open when we would rather hide away, to be up-beat when we would rather moan, and to accept a situation rather than wish it were something different. These are changes that are happening subtly across humanity as we are being encouraged, at a soul level, to leave behind the cynicism, anger, greed and self-righteousness that has dominated the human psyche for several hundred years.

Nor do we have to be alone in all this. I've been having bad dreams for the past few nights (I woke myself and Dirk up screaming last night!). So I decided to meditate on it this morning. What was the reason? It soon came to me: 'you don't ask for help in your dreams. Ask for help.' As you know by now, I'm a massive fan of angels and, having seen all that they have done to help me, I could kick myself for forgetting that basic lesson! There's always help available to us. We just have to ask!

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