Monday 4 January 2010

The tree that hugged me back

Welcome to a new year and, as the cliché goes, a 'new you'; but what may be a more appropriate aspiration is a Fuller You. By this I mean expanding into the greatest version of who we are: more of our talents, passions, joys and delights; focusing on creation not critique; on forgiveness not betrayal; on kindness rather than being right...

As part of this, I decided to expand what I talk about in this blog. Alongside exploring how our everyday lives are the food for our spiritual journey - the divine in the mundane – I would like to share my journey as someone who is experiencing the expansion of my consciousness, the move from five senses to six senses.

By that I mean that I'd like to share some of my stories because my experiences of the world can be a little different from those of others. Don't get me wrong, everyone has the ability to be sensitive, to pick up on wisdom and knowledge (just like we do when we have moments of inspiration) but most of us have had it crushed out of us through well-meaning, if misguided, schools, families, friends and workplaces. I hope that by sharing my journey of psychic re-awakening with you that I may take some of the fear out of the concept and infuse it with the joy, fun, delight and sharing that is at the heart of all wisdom.

And it for this reason I share the following story with you... those who are renowned for 'having your feet firmly planted on the ground' either tighten those belts and braces or look away now!!

Over the Christmas holiday I read a book that reminded me that all parts of nature are guided and guarded by their own spirits - elves, angels, seraphims - and that every plant has its own spirit. I believe that every animal has a spirit, but why stop there? Why shouldn't every living thing have a spirit of some form?

The author said that it would be most respectful to trees if we warned them that we were cutting them down so that their soul/spirit could remove itself in advance and spare itself the pain of being cut down.

I thought of all the forests cut down for Christmas and the amount of pain that must have caused...

On Christmas Eve I was helping Mum and she asked me to get some holly from the garden. It was -4C outside so time was of the essence as I brilliantly went out without a jacket! As I ran towards the tree I sent a prayer to the tree, "I'm coming out to get a branch with some leaves, please leave that branch quickly and thank you for sharing with me." How would the tree know which branch? I don't know! I decided to leave that to higher powers to sort out; I was just doing my end of it!

I plucked the branch and turned to run inside. What happened next was quite astounding. As clear as day I heard a voice in my mind say, with some delight, "Oh thank you so much for thinking of me and telling me!" And with that, came the distinct feeling of being given a hug. As I have a romantic Celtic spirit, I put it down to the love and gratitude of the tree's spirit wrapping around me.

The 'voice' was also remarkable because I could almost feel the 'character' behind the voice: an older character with a bubbly sense of delight and impishness. Not quite the character I would have ascribed to a Holly Tree!

As I said at the beginning, for most of us, our openness to the world beyond our five senses has been limited, mostly through fear. I've been blessed with some sixth sense experiences and, by sharing them here, I hope that I will help dispel some of the fear that surrounds the infinite mystery of life. For me, these experiences are the logical progression when we accept that spirit, divinity, God, flows through all creation and not just humans.

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